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Excellent decision for packing Doy-Pack!

POLYMIR Company put on the market a new plastic cork-doser with cap in 2007. Plastic cork-doser with cap is designed for closing of doy-pack packets and at present is widely applied when packing of foodstuffs (mayonnaises, ketchups, different sauces, juices and fruit sauce, water, sunflower oil and so on), as well as different nonfoods (household chemistry, hair cosmetics, conditioner for linen and so on)

The advantages of new plastic cork-doser with cap of POLYMIR manufacture are:

  • guarantee of qualitative soldering in the packet, which is achieved for account of:
    • the most adapted to packing equipment geometry of products
    • stability of geometry
    • stability of thermophysical properties
  • guarantee of leak proofness on 100%
  • guarantee of the first opening
  • easiness of opening
  • aesthetics and individuality of packing for account of wide color box
  • hygiene

Please, apply to sales department with all questions concerning products cost, development on individual customers requirements as well as rendering of outsourcing services.

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